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2nd September 2022

Biography: unlocking the secrets of life writing

Join award-winning novelist and biographer Andrew Wilson and best-selling biographer Paula Byrne for a three-hour masterclass on writing biography.

The Sunday Times | The Times

9th September 2022

Life Lessons Festival

The Times and The Sunday Times Life Lessons Festival is returning to London from the 9 to 11 September 2022, bringing together the most brilliant minds, experts and thought leaders. Together, they will explore stories, ideas, and attitudes, to inform and guide how to live a life without limits.

The Sunday Times | The Times


24th September 2022

Scrabble: How to improve your game with The Times Scrabble columnist

Join Paul Gallen, Scrabble columnist for The Times for a two-hour workshop to improve your Scrabble skills and become an opponent to be reckoned with.

The Sunday Times | The Times


4th October 2022

Learn ways to boost your memory

Join experienced leadership and innovation expert Paul Sloane for the return of our popular live online seminar to learn ways to boost your memory, giving you the skills to recall important information wherever and whenever you need it. 

The Sunday Times | The Times


7th October 2022

How to shine online: mastering virtual communication skills

Join international speaker and communication expert, Esther Stanhope, for this ninety minute masterclass in how to hone your virtual communication skills.

The Sunday Times | The Times


13th October 2022

Brains, resilience and high performance: manage your mindset to be happier and more successful

Join leadership coach Zena Everett for an in-person masterclass, held at The Times HQ in London Bridge, to help you build your resilience for peak performance and wellbeing.

The Sunday Times | The Times

20th October 2022

Times Earth Business Summit

The Times and The Sunday Times are delighted to announce a dedicated Times Earth Business Summit preparing for COP27 and beyond, accelerating action and leadership on climate and nature. The Summit is designed to equip a business leadership audience with the latest in investment, science, innovation, finance, legislation and politics to inform decisive action on climate and nature for clean and resilient growth.


10th November 2022

How to start a wine cellar with Will Lyons

Join Will Lyons, The Sunday Times wine columnist and vice president of The Sunday Times Wine Club, for the return of this online masterclass, as he guides you through how to create the perfect wine collection.

The Sunday Times | The Times